As an African economic development company with a focus on promoting private sector development and encouraging greater private sector engagement in support of the realization of the continental African development agenda as outlined by the African Union and its implementation arm, the NEPAD Agency, Africa Business Group is seeking to utilize its relationship with various Africa active business owners below and/ or near the age of 40 who are building enterprises involved in agriculture and agribusiness to forge a platform of practitioners - and to help them accelerate their growth and ability to be economically impactful in their chosen fields of endeavor. Additionally, ABG seeks to use its relationships with African government, AU organs, development partners and development agencies to accelerate the development of mutually beneficial linkages between the emerging fast growing agri-sector companies and small holders and other stakeholders in Africa’s food value chains.


The Global African Agribusiness Accelerator Platform seeks to identify and work with Africa-active agribusiness/ agriculture enterprise owners aged 40 or below who have been in business 3 years or more, and seek to grow their enterprises by 20% year on year over the next three years.

The objective of the platform is also to: a) promote intra-African, intra-youth, knowledge and success model sharing, b) promote trade and investment in agriculture and agribusiness among platform members, c) promote youth in agriculture and agribusiness by showcasing and promoting platform members, d) create mutually beneficial linkages between youth owned enterprises and the growing number of smallholder farmer transformation “projects” on the continent; and e) accelerate the economic impact of agriculture and agribusiness enterprise owners who are GAAAP members – in the communities where they are active.

Lastly, in 2016 the desire is to identify and bring together 100 such enterprise owners, in 2017 to bring together 300 such enterprise owners, and in 2018 to bring together 500 such enterprise owners. By 2020, we would like the community to include at least 2000 young agriculture/ enterprise owners.


There are six key components to GAAAP:

Cross Generational Business, Leadership, and Technical Knowledge Transfer through Mentorship and Dialogue
Technology and Modern Farming and Food Production Methodoly Adoption
Facilitation of Access to Finance and Technical Assistance
Knowledge Sharing and Continuous Learning through an Online Portal and Information Repository
Exposure to Global Good Practice Identification, and Adoption through Learning Journeys
Partnership, Trade and Collaboration Economic Development


Mr. Paul Mbugua, CEO, Ecelectics

Mr. Paul Mbugua is  the CEO of Eclectics. Eclectics is an ICT company that  has impemented ICT systems in over twnenty countries in East Africa, Southern  Africa and West Africa. Eclectics is based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Mr. Claudius Kurtna, Director, Agritech Limited

Mr. Claudius Kurtna is the Director of Agritech. Agritech hosts the Agriculture Exhibition and Conference. The conference focuses on three areas: a) facilitating agricultural markets and trade, b) improving agricultural productivity and, c) investing in public infrastructure for agricultural growth. Agritech is based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Mr. Divine  Ntiokam, Founder, Climate Smart Agriculture Youth Network

Mr. Divine Ntiokam is the Founder of Climate Smart Agriculture  Youth Network. The Climate Smart Agriculture Youth Network aims to educate  and train youth in the smallholder farming community, including people with  disabilities, regarding various climate-smart agricultural techniques and  technologies. Climate Smart Agriculture Youth Network is based in Cameroon.

Mr. Ed  Katende, CEO and Team Leader, Uganda Agribusiness Alliance

Mr. Ed Katende is Team Leader at Uganda  Agribusiness Alliance. Uganda  Agribusiness Alliance aims to help agribusinesses in Uganda thrive by  identifying and coordination solutions to address crosscutting issues that  affect agribusiness in the country. Uganda Agribuiness Alliance is based in  Kampala, Uganda.

Mr. Grace  Musimami, CEO, Farmers Media Uganda

Mr. Grace Musimani  is the CEO of Farmers Media Uganda.  Farmers Media is an  online news plarform published by the Farmers Eye International. Farmers  Media is based in Kampala, Uganda.

Mr. Billy Lombe, Founder and CEO, Youth Environment Network - Zambia

Mr. Billy Lombe is the Founder and CEO of the Youth Environment Network (YEN). YEN aims  to educate, engage and empower youths, women and children in activities that  will improve their living standards and the natural environment. YEN is based  in Zambia.

Mr. Tinashe  Kapuya, Head of International Trade and Investment, AgBiz

Mr. Tinashe Kapuya is the Head of International  Trade and Investment at AgBiz. AgBiz is a  membership based organization that advocates and facilitates a favorable business environment for all  agribusinesses in South Africa. AgBiz is based in Pretoria, South Africa.

Mr. Leatile  Mokgware, Founder, Botswana Young Farmers

Mr. Leatile Mokgware is the Founder of Botswana  Young Farmers. Botswana Young represents youth farmers from al over Botswana  and ensures youth a voice in policy issues. Members of the association assist  each other with various problems they face in their farming activities. Botswana  Young Farmers is based in Gaborone, Botswana.

Mr. Mamadou  Lamine Ba, Manager, APIX Investment Promotion Agency Senegal

Mr. Mamadou Lamine Ba is Manager at APIX Investment Promotion Agency. APIX provides support for investors interested in doing business in Senegal and regularly publishes resources for investors and partners. APIX is based in Dakar, Senegal.

Ms.  Evelyn Ohanwusi, Head of Partnership, Advocacy and Resource Mobilization,  IITA Nigeria

Ms. Evelyn Ohanwusi is the Head of Partnership, Advocacy  and Resource Mobilization at IITA. IITA Youth Agripreneurs conduct  agribusiness incubation, training and mentoring to benefit the involvement of  youth in agribusiness for the benefit of the larger rural community through  employment, out-grower opportunities and income generation. IITA Nigeria is  based in Ibadan, Nigeria.


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